What Is Exitus Elite About-Is It Legit Or Just Another Scam

Reading this article is a MUST,if you seek informed knowledge about Exitus Elite. You will know the truth if Exitus Elite is legitimate, an overblown hype or just a rip-off. Making the right business decision can save a tearful eyes,lots of resources and precious time,conversely investing wisely brings smiles and comfort,as you read further this article will provide you with concise information to know the truth and this truth will impact your business choice. Read Further.


Program Name:Exitus Elite


Website: www.Exituselite.com


Price: $299 yearly+$1000 Genesis


Owner: Paul Stevenson


Overall Rating:45/100




What Is Exitus Elite About


Developed by Paul Stevenson, Exitus Elite is another loud hype with very lofty claims about huge payment compensation plans without tangible sales product. According to credible sources,Paul Stevenson claimed to convert over two decades of doing business at home in this to develop the business.

The company uses multi-level marketing structure to promote the sales of its materials,these materials are basically Audio and Video training on several topics. They stretch from health,wealth,business and development.


Genesis Product Package

Exitus Elite promotes the sale of their main product called the Genesis Product Package whose retail value is estimated at $2,000. The genesis product package provides training in four niche group that includes Personal Development, Health and Wellness, Marketing and Basics to Marketing. It is a generic package for a wide range of tutorials in the niche group mentioned above. All the tutorials are available in Audio MP3 and Video MP4 format,while some come as just e-books. Each of the four niche covered contains at least 100 materials



How Does Exitus Elite Operate

The company indulges people to become members pay a sum to buy this training,and then recruit people under you and make money from commissions on sales.It is structured so that once you refer clients you can make money and as your recruitment increases,the value of your commission also grows.


One surprising issues with the compensation plan is that the first $1,000 compensation they claim to pay members are not given to them,rather they are paid to the person above you. I really don’t like the idea of passing up your first referrer who might be your warm referrer to your sponsor. Ideally, the first referrer should serve as a motivating factor to every new comer on the program and now you are forced to passed it up to your sponsor (This in itself is a red flag, it sounds like a pyramid scheme that’s why they can pay the guy above you who doesn’t do the work,so it operates on the template of a grand pyramid scheme) .





Who Should Join Exitus Elite

Mr Stevenson believes the program is for just about anybody out there. As a matter of fact in his words Exitus Elite is for people seeking to make wealth and not daily needs. He claims his business pays commissions that are high in value more than mere bread-winning offers.


I leave the truth for you to decide on that,firstly each member have to sign up with a whopping $1,000 for what provides little assurance of success and guess what all members get to sell the same stuff and after a while guess what happens ? Peradventure you’re not joining as a pioneer member where does this leave your hard earned income and stress to try to make sales to meet up and make up for your investment and labor costs ? The payment claims are huge but let’s examine issues further.



Exitus Elite Membership


If you intend to sign up for this program it costs about $300 annually,this fee must be renewed and there’s more – you have to pay $1,000 to gain access to their golden package (Genesis Product Package) . It is only after these two requisites have been attained you can begin to look out for re-selling the company’s product to make earnings from it. In other words, you are paying $1000 in order  to promote the program, that’s the only way you can make money, by promoting the program itself



Payment Scenario

The company uses a pyramid scheme to keep membership data and then uses this data to pay members their commissions. If you’ve been around the internet business in a while it shouldn’t be strange to say most companies that come up using this same structure of operation fold up after they’ve collected enough “innocent-clientele-funds”, i bet you must know this!



The system of paying the person above you means it is an absolute pyramid scheme that is deemed illegal in many countries and it puts anyone who participates in it at a worst case scenario of losing your entire capitals let alone being an accessory to an illegaloperation. It is illegal to be an inventor or partake in a Ponzi scheme so i don’t know if this is worth the risk to take to earn an honest living,i really don’t.



Pros Vs Cons

pros(The positives)

Exitus Elite provides training materials. The materials contained have their advantages, allow me break some titles:


* How to make sales letter

* How to create videos for video marketing

* How to master word press

* Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

* How to increase traffic to your website

* Blueprints for video marketing success

* How to boost your self-esteem and transform yourself

* Leadership Development series

* Blueprint for Google Ad Words success

* Smart Funnel Blueprint

* How to build a business email list

* Tips on how to enjoy enterprenual success


And lot’s more… The topics are a mouthful and sound very interesting.



– They assist their members in closing deals by providing support. This comes in form of a phone number interested people can call and if they quote your id number you will record a sale should the interested calling party make a purchase


– Providing hundreds and hundreds of videos is amazing,great time and effort must have gone into it.


– They offer different payment methods like Western Union,Bitcoin,Wire Transfer,Cashier’s Check and even overnight cash by FedEX or UPS.





– It’s very exorbitant especially because there are no guarantees.


– The training they provide is nothing special and can be gotten for free online. Try to search some of the titles i listed above in some search engines,Youtube and other video content repositories and see for yourself.


– Their system provides technique on how to duplicate websites. Duplicated websites don’t get indexed by most search engines and even when they do,the ranking will be low resulting in low exposure and traffic consequently.


– The videos are just overcrowded information.No one does all that,even companies have to become more specialized to function effectively these days.The excess information can leave one running in several directions not attaining mastery at any one before embarking on another.



Final Verdict

Exitus Elite may have helped lots of people in acquiring knowledge beyond their previous scope when they bought the software and this is good for them but it’s not a regular business. Spikes in sales can be disheartening when the bills are piling up.

Competing with other members selling the same product and other company putting up similar system will ultimately yield a saturated market for this products training sales.


While I may not call it an outright scam, I am not endorsing them; There are far better programs out there that will not charge you nothing close to what Exitus charges; as a matter of fact, my #1 recommended program charges $0.

Look at the comparison Table bellow



  1. Glenn

    Thanks for the heads up I’m always in search of new ideas to make money. Some times it’s hard to determine the legit programs from the scams. Out of all of the programs you researched would you say Wealthy Affiliates gives the most bang for your buck? If so, as another avenue to pursue regarding Affiliate Marketing which would you say would be the second best or your second favorite Affiliate Marketing program. Thanks Again

  2. Jacob Schilling

    Hi Clemz, thank you for letting me know about Exitus elite. seeing the price immediately told me not to get involved with this program. Seeing that you don’t even get full access to the program is a very big turn off for me. I agree that wealthy affiliate is one of the go-to places to learn all about the ins and outs, do’s and donts of affiliate marketing.

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