What is my24hourIncome About -Scam Or Legit?

Hi, friend, welcome to my review of my24hourincome. But Really, what is my24hourincome about? Is it a scam or Legit? And can I make money through the site? Hold tight as I take you through.

In this review, I am going to take the lid off your eyes and show you what my 24hourincome is all about.

I have seen folks display different earnings online purportedly gotten from my24hourincome and I feel it’s good to write an unbiased review of the program to present the true picture of my24hourincome.

Program Overview.

Program Name: My24HourIncome

Website: www.my24HourIncome.com

Price:  Starting from $5.

Owner: Drew Burton

Overall rating: 50/100



My 24 Hour income is a Rev sharing program owned by Drew Burton that promises to share 100% of its revenue with its members.

In case you don’t know what rev share is about – This is a program that offers you an opportunity to advertise your own business or program through its platform by buying advertisement packs. It doesn’t end there; you also earn a percentage on every ads pack you buy, sounds great huh? Yea maybe.

How It Works.

Basically, as a registered member, my 24hourincome gives you an opportunity to advertise your program on their platform by buying ads pack. The good thing is, you are still going to earn some percentage on the same ads pack you bought.

breaking it down forward,It’s  simple four step process:

  • Sign up for a free Account.
  • You buy ads pack from my24hourincome.
  • You click daily ads – minimum of 8 ads.
  • You share in the daily revenue.

The Products.

The major Product In My24hourincome is the ads packs which come in Four categories.

  • $5 – This will give you ROI (Return On Investment) of up 110% at 1.8-3.8% daily cap.

It also gives you 75 business directory ads pack.

  • $15 – Maturation here is at 115% at a daily cap of between 1.8-3.8% and it gives you 200 business directory ads packs.
  • $35 – Matures at 120% at 1.8 – 3.8% daily cap and gives you 500 business directory ads packs.
  • $75- Maturation rate here is at 130% at a daily cap of 1.2 – 3.8% and it gives 1200 business directory ads pack.

How Do You Make Money In My24hourincome?

Yea,majority of people that get into programs like this comes in for the money they are going to make or the money they told they will make. Now, how is money made in my24hourincome?

  • You make money through the referral program. Yes, each person that you refer directly that buys an ads pack, you get to earn 8%, it doesn’t end there, you also earn 2% from their own referrals down to the 2 level deep. That’s right, my24hourincome pays you on each direct referral that buys.
  • Another way you earn on the my24hourincome platform is when you buys ads pack, you are entitled to the daily revenue sharing. But you have to click on 8 ads daily to qualify to earn.
  • Another way you earn on the my24hourincome platform which by the way, I think is great is what they called, the referral commission pool. Here, even without a single referral, you can still earn some referral Bonus as a result of the pool commission. I think Drew Burton did a good job here.

Pros VS Cons.

Time to discuss the sweetness and bitterness or likely bitterness of this Program. Like any other business they are some things to watch out for – The risks. This will help you in deciding if you want to be involved.


  • Registration is free and it takes just $5 to get started.
  • You can potentially earn daily even with only $5 start up.
  • If you are good in referring, you can earn lots of money through the referral commission.


  • Rev share business is a very risky venture as the owner can become greedy and decide to run away with people’s money.
  • most of the revenue comes from the ads pack, once new people stop buying in, the revenue source will dry up and earnings ceaced.
  • SEC may decide to play the TrafficMonsoon script thereby putting the whole process into jeopardy.
  • The business is generally NOT sustainable, it doesn’t have prospect and generally does not teach you how to earn money on elsewhere apart from promoting them

Is My24hourincome a Scam?

Hey, that’s tough to conclude but I am just going to let you know what I think about the business prospect of my24hourincome, whether its a scam or not will be decided by you.

First of all, I want to look at the product aspect of my24hourincome which is the ads pack; more like billboard or TV adverts. When you pay for ads pack, you are indirectly paying for advertising space on the my24hourincome platform. My24hourincome in turn displays your ads for people to see and click on.

The problem here is most of the people that get to see your ads are members of the same platform who more or less have no interest in what you are offering.

Even those that click on the ads does so out of necessity, to enable them earn on the daily revenue sharing.


My24hourincome is great for those that are afraid  to take risk. Like I have stated earlier, revshares generally are not designed to last and can closed at any time.

If you are looking at earning money online, you might want to look at a platform that will teach you how to build a business online. Talking about that, there is a program I do recommend, that’s free to get started and has been there for over 11 years now running.


Clems, why are you recommending this program and why would I want to join your program?

great question. Here is a clue of the free stuffs to expect from the recommended program.

  • A step by stem tutorial on how to create your own website.
  • How to choose what to create your website around (Niche).
  • How to attract traffic to your website.
  • How to monetize your website and start earning from big companies like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, ClickBank etc.
  • Plus lots of goodies including one-on-one coaching, 247 help/support etc.


Or you can head straight in and create your  Free account, No CC


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